So busy!!

It looks like i haven’t blogged in a long time! Well that is because i’ve been so busy! Do you just ever feel like your going non stop like the little energizer bunny? I do for sure! with school ending and trying to get things done, then starting a new school and getting things accomplished before the summer, trying to find an apartment with my friend Danielle for hair school, that’s just school related things. With my family we are getting ready to move, i’m working on the weekends, i’m trying to find a new car since my care has broke down, oh and i’ve been cheering non stop! I wish i could get away for a week somewhere to relax and take a breathe of air from all this madness that’s going on in my life.

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IT’S A NEW YEAR!!! 2011

My new years resolution for school is to get out of here the fastest i can and have fun. I hardly have class that i work hard in so im thinking to just relax this last semester of my senior year. Another resolution is to work hard in hair school when i start in September. I would also like to start loosing some weight after high school. 🙂

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Facebook page

So me and my friends have set up a Facebook page about senior wisdom. We have on there the weather, and are trying to get some more things on the page but it’s kind of hard when its blocked at our school to do the work. However also on our page is advice that we all get to comment on. I’ve always wanted to do something like this but never got a chance to do it. I thought this class would be a perfect time to start this little idea ive had in my heand, unfortunetly it’s not going so well. So ask question or atleast visit our site!!

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sex education

I think in high school students should be taught sex education. Actually it would be even better if they got taught while in 7th or 8th grade. I think we should do this because it may help teens become more knowledgeable about sex and prevent disease and teen pregnancies. You see and hear in the news that teens are becoming younger when having sex, so if they are they should be taught the good and the bad of it. It might be a bad thing though, some students teachers could be uncomfortable talking about sex. It may also infer with their religion. However if we could get parents permission then it could work. We could go over the diseases that you could get the symptoms that comes with the disease, and pregnancy. So with this i want your opinion. Do you think their should be sex education? My opinion is that there should be so we can lower pregnancy and std rates in teens.

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Wordle: Jordan Pringnitz

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Cities running out of water

On there is a story about some cities in the US about running out of water/ water shortages. Some reason why this could be happening is because our water demand has reached it’s limit, drought, and not having enough water wells. The top 10 cities from 10 – 1  that could be seeing this is Orlando, Atlanta, Tucson, Las Vegas,  Fort Worth, San Fransisco Bay Area, San Antonio, Houston, Los Angeles. So SAVE WATER!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂

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t-shirt time!!!!

Hopefully everyone knows the show Jersey Shore, and if not you probably wont like this blog. Anyways i live to watch the jersey shore show. I can watch reruns and not get bored with them. The cast is amazing well….besides Angelina shes just ugly. The shows last season episode will air this Thursday at 9. But on the show you will see fist pumping, smooshing and fights. It just makes me wanna to live in Jersey Shore. All in all Jersey shore is the best show EVER

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